Bulk Product Update

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Bulk Product Update

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Within the Bulk Product Update link all your products are displayed in a format similar to excel. Each row displays a different product. Columns display the product's SKU, Product Name, Site Price, and Short Description. Bulk Product Update allows you to update your products in a time-saving format.


Updating Products Step-by-Step:


1)Locate the product(s) you would like to edit by performing searches within the different columns.


2)Edit each row by changing the information in each column.


3)Before editing the next row (product) click the green check mark (far left). This will save changes.


You can also perform searches within each column by clicking on the "filter" icon directly to the right of the filter box.




Example: to view all products on your site that are priced "Equal To" zero first you must type "0" into the filter box at the top of the "Site Price" column. Next click on the filter icon to view a list of filter options, click on "Equal To." The results will update and now you will see all products with their site price set to 0.