Category and Search

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Category and Search

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Within the Category and Search link you will find the options related to the categories on your site as well as the search options.




Show Sub Category in product grids: select this option if you would like the sub-categories within your categories list to appear when you are displaying product grids.


Show "home" link in category tree: within the list of categories that appear on your homepage, this option will display "home" as a link.


Show Categories Tabs in Header: select this option to display your categories within the header section of your site. A horizontal bar will appear across the bottom of the header.


Always Show expanded Categories: always show sub-categories even if that category is not selected. This works only when "catagorylist2" is in the nav- column (which is displayed on all other pages besides the homepage).


Tabs per row: set the amount of category "tabs" that will appear in the horizontal category menu when the "Show Categories Tabs in Header" is selected.


Pager in general: the pager is the little numeral page links that are shown when the display of the content requires more than one page (example: more products in a category than will fit on one page). Pager typically shows the page numbers and a 'previous" and "next" link.


Pager Prefix: what is added in front of the pager display. Adds a space by default.


Pager Spacer: what is in between. Shows the pipe by default.


Pager Suffix: what is added in back of the pager display. Adds a space by default.


Next Page Text: the text for "next" shows a pipe, then a space, then the word "Next", then a space by default.


Last Page Text: the text for "previous" shows the word "Previous", then a space by default.


Show Next/Last Links: links will appear for the next and/or last links on the category pages.


Show Search Results as: select how you would like the search results to be displayed, either in a detailed list, a grid, or a simple list.


Search Results Grid Size: determine the size of the search results grid if you choose the grid option from above setting.


Flag products as "new": select this option and the system will automatically display "new" next to the product when displayed in a category.