Creating New Roles

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Creating New Roles

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1)To create a new role, first you will need to be inside the user's tab, then click on the Roles link within the left "People Menu."  Next type the name of the new role at the top of the screen. Then click the "new" button.




2)Once you click the new button the new role will be added to the section below. Click on the new role to highlight it and then click the edit button.




3)Now you can edit the role, which member's will be assigned this role, etc. To add members to this role first find them within the right column, check the box next to their username and then click the add button in the middle of the screen. Once you see their username in the left column they have been added to the role.




4)Scroll down to see more options related to the role. Click the checkbox to set the role to the settings listed (ie: allowed to enter admin area?).


5)Once you are finished editing the new role click the save changes button at the bottom of the screen.