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Within the Discounts link find options to add discounts to your site. You may also edit or delete existing discounts.


Adding New Discounts:


1)To add a new discount to your site click the new button.


2)Once inside, first you must determine which type of discount you would like to create, whether it will apply to product(s), order total or a shipping method.


3)Once you have determined the discount type you will next decide which products to discount, which amount to discount or which shipping method. To add products first search for them in the column to the right, select the products and click the add button to add them to the apply to column on the left.


4)Next you will need to determine the start and end date of the discount.


5)Then you can determine the actual discount; whether the quantity ordered is greater than (an amount you set) and the order total is greater than (an amount you set).


6)Next, if you would like you can create a code for the customer to enter to obtain the discount.


7)And finally decided whether or not the customer can use the code more than once and if it can be combined with other codes. Once completed click the "Ok" button to save the discount.