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Within the Orders link find options to adjust your order settings.


Follow-on URL: a feature that allows you to create a link to a page (html or category) on your site that is displayed on the checkout_receipt.aspx page. The "Follow On" button will appear on the receipt page where the customer may click to your html/category page. Type the path to the page in this field to activate feature. As a default, the button is named followon.gif.


Minimum Quantity: set the minimum quantity of products able to be ordered on your site here.


Quantity Limit: set the maximum quantity of products able to be ordered on your site here.


Minimum Amount: set the minimum amount of products able to be ordered on your site here.


Amount Limit: set the maximum dollar amount of an order here.


Allow $0.00 Orders: this will allow you to accept orders of items that you have priced at $0.00.


Merge Identical Cart Items: this feature allows you to group identical items in the cart as quantities instead of displaying individual products that are duplicates.


Send Email When New Orders Arrive: check this box to receive emails when new orders arrive on your site. In the field directly to the right type the email address(es) you would like to have the emails sent to.


Last Order Number: displays the last order number used.  This will be the basis for the next order number.


Increase each order number by a random number between: this option allows you to control how you would like the order numbers to be generated.


Show Special Instructions Field at Checkout: check this box if you would like to show the special instructions field during the checkout process.


Allow Multiple Shipping Addresses: check this box if you would like to allow multiple shipping addresses.


 Clean up was last run: the date and time of the last clean up will appear here.


Run order clean up every: set when the orders will be cleaned up by day here.


Clean up carts older than: set when carts will be cleaned up that are older than an amount of days here.


Clear CC numbers from completed orders older than: set the amount of days CC numbers will be stored on your site.


Send drop shipper notices on Authorization instead of on Charge: check this button if you would like to send a notice to the drop shipper (the "Ship From" address inside the product) when you have authorized the order instead of when the order has been charged.


Default Order Manager Date Range: determines what the default date range for order display will be.


Order Manager - Order to Show Per Page: set the amount of orders that will be displayed when working in the Orders tab > Order Manager.


Automatically Send Status Update Emails: this feature sends e-mail messages to the customer whenever their order status changes.


Enhanced 1-bit image (causes slight delay at checkout): this option makes the file that is e-mailed to the RSM a true black and white image.  Under normal operation technically other programs like Photoshop or CorelDraw will see the image and make it grey scale.


Custom Checkout receipt Tag: has to do with analytics tracking.  No longer on this page.