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Product Page

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Within Product Page link you will find the content displayed on product pages within column 1. To add content to the product pages follow the steps below.


Add Side Content within Product Pages:




1)Click on the drop down menu directly below the "New" button which is located at the top of the window.


2)Once you have chosen which type of homepage block you would like to add (Category Grid, Category List, Category List 2, Category Rotator, Coupon Search Box, HTML Rotator, Mailing List Signup, Product Grid, Product Rotator, Search Box) click on the block type to highlight it.


3)Next click the new button located at the top of the window.


4)The homepage block you have added will automatically be placed at the bottom of the column.


5)To move the block up click the "up" arrow located above the edit button which is attached to the block.