Configure Email for Android phone or tablet (IMAP with SSL)

Configure your Android Smart Phone or tablet to use Connectweb SmarterMail.
  1.     Go to your phone's Setting application
  2.     Click on Accounts
  3.     Select Add account
  4.     Select Email
  5.     Select Manual Setup
  6.     Select IMAP ACCOUNT
  7.     Enter your account information.
         Email Address: Full email address from SmarterMail
         User Name: Can be anything
         Password: The password for your email address created in SmarterMail

  8.     Scroll down.
  9.     Enter the Incoming Mail Server Information
         IMAP Server:
         Security Type: SSL
         Port: 993
  10.     Outgoing Mail Server
    SMTP server:
             Security Type: SSL
             Port: 465
  11.     Username: Enter your FULL email address (Example:
  12.     Password: Enter your e-mail account password
       Be sure to leave the  Authentication required before sending emails option checked.

    Your IMAP Android e-mail account is now complete.