Updating ShipRush v11.x to the 2017 UPS Rates

*** This applies ONLY to ShipRush PRO for UPS ***

This process requires that you log in to the PC with administrative

** Note: New installations of ShipRush v11.x or above that are performed
   on or after Jan 8, 2017, will automatically get the 2017 rates.

** 2017 rates are fully supported in ShipRush v11.0 and higher. ShipRush v10.x may also be able to use these
   updated rates, but has not been tested, is not fully supported, and may not calculate current rates correctly.  

** You will need to update your current install of ShipRush v11.x for the new rate tables to function properly.
   Download is available here:

This process takes just a minute, and needs to be done at each PC that runs ShipRush.

Step 1: Check your version of the rates, and verify the location of your UPS Rates
   - Right click on the ShipRush icon in the system tray and go to Help | About
   - Note the path to the Rates directory (might be in an older version location if the site upgraded, by design)
   - Scroll down in the screen and locate "Rate files version" - If not current, please continue with steps

Step 2: Exit ShipRush

Step 3: Back up the rates:
           Copy the contents of: "C:\Program Files\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush vX\upsrates\"
           to a safe location.

Step 4: Download the rate zip file:

Step 5: Unzip the file to an empty directory. Say:

Step 6: Copy the contents of C:\temp\shiprush\ to
          "C:\Program Files\Z-Firm LLC\ShipRush vX\upsrates\"

        If prompted, select the option to replace all target files.
  Note that you should include subdirectories.

Repeat this process on each PC that has ShipRush UPS Pro installed.

Start and use ShipRush.

Please be sure to adjust your Fuel Rate Surcharge values in Settings | Shipping Settings | Rates as discussed in the helpfile: