PhotoShop PSD Lock Codes for Flex

When creating a PhotoShop file as a template for a FLEX product you can lock or otherwise control how each line if presented by appending the following codes to the layer name.  The layer name will be used as the field name.
FORMAT: name_{one or more property codes separated by _}
Available properties:
do not allow deletion: _nd
do not allow location change: _nl
do not allow size change by handles: _nh
do not allow font size change: _nfs
do not allow font change: _nf
do not allow bold change: _nb
do not allow italic change: _ni
do not allow underline change: _nu
do not allow justification change: _nj
do not allow clone: _nc
lock all the above: _lockall
make text UPPERCASE only: _lu
make text lowercase only: _ll
make text Required: _req

businessname_nd_nb_nc means "name of text line (layer) is 'businessname', do not allow deletion of text
object, cloning, or changing the bold state of object
phone_number_nfs_nf means "name of text line (layer) is 'phone_number', do not allow changing the font
size, or the font name.
* If the layer contains the word "background" and there is a "custom_area" layer in the PSD, background layer will be made invisible.  Use this to hide a complete image of a T-shirt, or an entire award.  Custom area will be sent without a background.
* If the layer ends with "_hidden" or "_hide" it will not be visible or passed in the admin email attachment
* If the layer contains "custom_area" the information within the custom area defined will be
sent to the admin, but the background will always be blank.  This is true even if there is a color specified for the layer in the PSD file, for instance the bronze color of a plaque.