How to change password in SmarterMail


1. Login to your webmail ( using your email address and the current password.


2. Click Settings (see image below) - Account Settings (Under My Settings)


3. Please enter your "Current Password" followed by your "New Password" and "Confirm Password"


4. Click Save


* If you are the administrator and would like to reset the user(s) password, please follow the guidelines below:-


1. Login to your webmail ( as (or what ever email address you have as your administrator's email address)


2. Go to Settings - Domain Settings - Users


3. Double click on the User and enter the "New Password" and "Confirm Password"
    NOTE: Your password must contain at least 6 characters consisting of:

  • At least one Letter 
  • At least one Number 
  • At least one Special Character 

4. Save


** Remember that you will now have to change the password in your mail client to match.  Mail client would be programs such as Outlook, Eudora, Microsoft Mail, etc. This includes mobile clients such as iPhones or Android devices.