Setup AutoResponder - Out of Office reply

A User can create an auto-responder that sends a custom message upon receipt of new email, when he/she is on vacation or out of the office.

To create an Auto-Responder in SmarterMail:

  1. Login to the web interface as a User (
  2. Click Settings  (Bottom left icon.  Looks like gears)
  3. Click My Auto-Responder
  4. On the Options tab, click Enable auto responder
    1. Other options can be checked
      1. Limit responses to direct mail only
      2. Limit responses to one per day per sender
  5. Click the Auto-Responder Message tab
  6. Enter a Subject such as Vacation or Out of the Office
  7. Enter your message in the Option Message body
  8. Click Save when you done.