Custom Vantage Web™ How to Work Within the Users Tab - Part 1

Custom Vantage Web™
How to Work Within the Users Tab - Part 1
by Amanda Katon

Your customers are what truly form your business, and knowing how to help your customers with their online accounts is important to great customer service. In this installment of Stamp Shop Web™ how to we will be venturing into creating and editing users as well as working with manufacturer setup and management. This month we will also explore setting up and utilizing roles for your users/customers. Stamp Shop Web™ offers many options for your customers with online accounts including tax exempt status, reordering features and much more. Being prepared to work within the users tab of your admin will prepare you for any customer account questions that may arise. Let’s jump into the Users section and discover all the options available that will enhance your customer’s experience!
To begin, as with all Stamp Shop Web™ lessons, first sign-in to the admin area of your Stamp Shop Web™ site. Once you are logged in, click the Users Tab. Next click the Users link, once clicked you will see the user screen where you can create, edit and delete users on your website (Picture-1). 
Within the Users link you can find all the user accounts that currently exist on your website. You are able to search for specific users on this screen by entering full or partial information using their email address, first name, last name, or username (which would be their email address, unless the setting to collect a username (instead of an email address) is checked within the Settings tab. Simply select which type of search you would like to perform from the drop down menu and then type in the credentials in the filter box to the right of the drop down menu. Next, click the Find button (Picture-2). The results that match the credentials entered will display below the search field.
Editing a User Account:
To edit or view a current customers account information, select the account by checking the box to the left of the username/email then click the Edit button located to the right of the results. Once you are editing a user you can change any of the customers information. Some options include their email address, reset their password, their tax exempt status, an external ID (this works with Stamp Shop Manager™). Allowing the user to check out with a purchase order can be set here as well. Be sure to go to the Settings tab> Payment link and check “Limit the use of Purchase orders to selected customers only” to use this option. Lastly, you can put the user into a pricing level (refer to June 2013 article for information on pricing levels), and edit their roles (Picture-3). Click Save Changes when you are finished editing a user.
Creating a New User Account:
To create a new user account, click the New button to the right of the search results section. This will take you to the new user account information screen where you will be prompted to enter the customers email address, password, first and last name, mark if they are tax exempt or not and whether or not they are allowed to checkout using a Purchase order (once again if the option for purchase orders is set to be by User – in the Settings tab). When you have finished entering the above credentials click the OK button to save your new customer account (Picture-4).
Deleting a User Account:
To delete a current customer account, select the account by checking the box to the left of the username/email then click the Delete button located to the right of the results (see Picture-1).
Now that we have the jest of working with user accounts lets go over managing roles that are associated with users by clicking on the Roles link in the left-hand menu (Picture-5). Within the Roles link you can create, edit, and delete the roles of users on your site. Roles refer to where the user can have access within your site's admin section. You can edit each role to better control where the role allows users, as well as add user's to each roll. This section is meant for any users that will be working on or within your sites admin area (typically your employees).
                Create a New Role:
To create a new role, enter the name of the new role in the field provided labeled New Role Name and then click the New button to the right of this field (see Picture-5). This will create the new Role and add it to the list of roles. From here you will edit the role to set its properties (Follow editing roles below).
Edit a Role:
To edit a role that was newly created or one that already exists, first select the role you’d like to edit from the list so it is highlighted in blue, then click the Edit button. Now you are within the Role and you can set or change its properties by adding users that the role applies to and what aspects of the website's admin they will have permissions to (Picture-6). When you are finished setting these parameters click the Save Changes button.
Delete a Role:
To delete a role, select the role you wish to delete from the list of roles so it is highlighted in blue, then click the Delete button to the left of the list of roles.
Next we will venture away from the consumer accounts for a moment and take a look at setting up your manufacturer and their information. Manufacturers are set on products to specify which company manufactures it. Setting the manufacturer on your products helps to organize, maintain and reorder your stock that is sold in your online store. You can set up your manufacturers by clicking on the Manufacturers link from the Users tab menu on the left (Picture-7).
Within the Manufacturers link you will see an alphabet spread across the top of the screen. To view manufacturers, click on the letter that represents the first letter of the manufacturers name and you will see all manufacturers whose name begins with that letter. Click the All to see all manufacturers. You can also see a listing of your manufacturers in the middle of the screen with Edit and Delete buttons next to each.
                Creating New Manufacturers:
To create a new manufacture, click the New button below the alphabet running across the top of the manufacturer’s main screen. This will take you to a screen where you can then enter your manufacturer’s information (This is the same screen that you see when you edit a manufacturer). When the information has been entered click the Save Changes button to save your new manufacturer (Picture-8).
Editing and Deleting Manufacturers:
To edit or delete a manufacturer, click the Edit or Delete button to the right of the manufacturer’s name on the manufacturer’s main screen (see Picture-7).
Now that we’ve walked you through the User’s tab you are better equipped to assist your online customers with their login questions and manage the employees who work on your website. Excellent customer and employee management will take your online business to the next level and help to continue brining in revenue. If you have any questions regarding your websites feel free to contact Technical Support at 800-556-9932 or Stay tuned for next month’s instalment as we take a look at how to manage and create customers in Stamp Shop Manager!