Custom Vantage Web™ How to Use Customer Chat - Part 1

Custom Vantage Web™
How to Use Customer Chat - Part 1
by Amanda Katon

In this month’s Stamp Shop Web™ How To edition, we will start our exploration of the Chat tab. Within the Chat tab you are able to utilize and work with a built in Customer Chat™ system that can provide real-time customer assistance with customers who are shopping on your online store (Please note Customer Chat™ is a service that must be turned on in order to be utilized. Contact Connectweb Technologies, Inc. for more information). The chat feature is a great tool for providing optimal customer service and a better shopping experience to your customers. The ability to answer questions or guide your customers at the exact moment they are in need of assistance helps to create a more personable shopping experience and provides you an opportunity to close more sales. Stamp Shop Web™ offers many customizable settings within the Chat tab to enhance your businesses customer service opportunities. Let’s begin to look at some of these settings within the chat menu!
Code and Statistics
To begin, as with all Stamp Shop Web™ lessons, first sign-in to the admin area of your Stamp Shop Web™ site. Once you are logged in, click the Chat Tab. Next click the Code and Statistics link from the chat menu on the left of your screen where you will then be brought to the first area of chat settings. (Picture-1).
The Code and Statistics section is a complete overview of your Customer Chat™ system. It displays several stats and reports regarding the system’s performance. In addition, you can also find tools for generating your Customer Chat™ button codes (discussed further in this article), access to the Customer Chat™ monitor as well as the codes to deploy Customer Chat™ on your website (Picture-1). Below is a list of the various reports you can select from the drop-down list, which provide you with detailed stats of your chat system’s performance.
Requests per Day: Shows you the total number of customer requests made per day
Requests per Department: Shows you the total number of requests made to each department (we will go over departments in a future article, stay tuned).
Requests per Representatives: Displays the total number of requests that each representative has received (we will go over representatives in an upcoming article, stay tuned).
Top 50 Site Referrals: Displays the Top 50 referrals to the site (URL’s where the visitors came from).
Requests per Page: Shows the number of requests to chat that were started from each page on your website.
Requests per Country: Shows the number of requests grouped by country.
Departments Average Rating: Displays the average session rating for each of the department’s setup in the chat system.
Departments Average Session Time: Displays the average session time for each department set up in the system.
Departments Total Session Time: Displays the total time invested on chat sessions for each department.
Representative’s Average Rating: Shows the average rating for each of the registered representatives set up in the chat system.
Representative’s Availability: Provides a snapshot of the current representative’s availability
Representative’s Average Session Time: Shows you average session time for each representative.
Representative’s Total Session Time: Displays the total time invested on chat sessions for each representative.
Representative’s Time Online: Check the total time that your representatives have been online, logged into the Live Support system attending requests. The times at which they logged in and out of the system will be provided in this stats report.
Busy Requests: Get a list of the requests that were set as busy for at least one representative or department as well as whether or not the request was attended.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have set a stats period in the Settings link under the Chat tab, under the Stats and Logs section, the information for the above report will only be for that selected period (example: last 30 days)(Picture-2). Please keep in mind that the reports do not include proactive chats, they are just for incoming chat requests made directly by your site visitors.
Below are the tools you can access from the same drop-down list as the above reports.
Visitor Tracking: Provides a snapshot of the activity of your site’s visitors.
Current Sessions: Shows the current active chat sessions.
My Received Messages: Displays a list of your received instant messages.
Code Generator: Use the code generator to create the codes to display support buttons or support links that are specific to departments or representatives and that can be used on pages or email messages (HTML).
On right side of the Code and Statistics section, the following are displayed when you enter the Chat tab (Picture-3).
Visitor Tracking Code: The code required to enable the visitor tracking and proactive chat features on each page within your site. Copy and Paste this code into the HTML code box of each page where you want to track your visitor’s activity or to provide proactive chat. These HTML boxes can be found in your sites admin under the blue Content tab and then click on Page Header Tags from the left side menu (Picture-4). We recommend adding this code to the “all pages” section. 
Live Support Button Code: The code required to display the support button on your sites pages. Similar to the Visitor Tracking Code, you can place your Live Support Button Code in an HTML rotator on the homepage, category page, or product page under the Content tab.
Current Button Being Displayed: Shows you a preview of the Live Support Button which is being shown to customers when you paste the code above into an HTML rotator in any of the areas mentioned.
As part of the Chat tab menu options, you have the ability to perform in-depth searches within your Customer Chat™ system of stored chat requests. The Search screen allows you to search the logged requests by providing any search criteria combination in the search box (Picture-5). The following are criteria elements that can aid in your search.
Customer Name, Email or ID: Enter part of the name, email or the customer ID to display requests made by a specific customer.
Keywords: Displays requests containing the provided phrase in the session transcript or topic.
Representative Assigned / ID: Type part of the name of the representative’s ID to see his/her attended requests.
Request from Page: Type the URL (or part of it) to list requests originated on the selected page.
Assigned to Department: List the requests assigned to selected departments.
With Rating: Displays requests with a selected rating.
Request ID: Type the ID (or list of ID’s separated by commas) of the request that you want to list.
Made Between: Check this option and select two dates to list requests made during the selected date range period.
After you enter your search criteria, click the View Requests button. This will list all the requests that match your search criteria. The Customer Chat™ system will display the number of requests found, the request topic, customer name, date, department, rating, session time and the request ID (Picture-6).
Next to each search result you will see a magnifying glass icon which you can click to view the request information and the session transcript (if available) and a red “X” button next to each request which allows you to delete the chat request log. By clicking on the Magnifying Glass (View button), you will be able to access the request and customer information screen (Picture-7). On this screen the following information is displayed:
Customer Information
  • Customer ID: ID Assigned to the customer
  • Name: Customer’s Name
  • E-mail: Customer’s Email: Customers Email Address
  • Custom Data Collected: Customer chat lets you collect up to three custom items through the optional form fields set in the options screen. The information collected through these three optional fields is displayed here.
  • Date Registered: Date the user was registered into the system
  • Last Request: Date of Customer’s last request
  • Total Requests: Number of requests made by the customer. Clicking on this number will bring up the entire list of requests.
  • Average Session Rating: Average rating given by the customer on his/her session.
  • IP Address / Host: Last IP address logged for the customer and host name.
  • Browser / OS: Browser and operating system used by the customer.
  • Site Referral: URL from where the user came from
  • Lead / Opportunity: Visits to the site and sales opportunity (if the user has been identified as a hot lead).
  • Country Lookup: Customers country of origin
Request Information
  • Topic: The topic of the chat request
  • Request ID: ID assigned to the request
  • Request Date: Date the request was made
  • Department: Department that the customer wanted to contact
  • Representative: Name of the representative that attended the user request
  • Session Time: The total time used by the chat session
  • Rating: Session rating
  • User Comments: If the option to ask the user for feedback on the options screen has been enabled and the user has provided his/her comments, they will be shown here.
  • Survey: If you have enabled the option to ask the user for feedback and have modified the feedback form with custom fields, the information collected will be displayed here.
  • Session Transcript: If the session transcript has been saved to the database, it will display here.
In addition to viewing and deleting requests that meet your search criteria, there is the ability to sort your results by clicking the corresponding arrow icon below each of the request’s properties. On the search screen when your results are displayed after entering search criteria the system administrator has the ability to export the results to Excel, print the results, or delete the results (Picture-8).
This concludes Part 1 of working within the Chat tab! Code and Statistics are a great way to measure your departments and representatives chat requests and measure the level of customer service your company is expressing on your website. The Search area allows the opportunity to find requests by a multitude of criteria options and you are able to view vital information right from the search screen. Please stay tuned, we will continue our exploration of the Chat tab in November’s issue when we look into the Departments and Representatives sections! If you have any questions regarding your website(s) or would like the chat feature turned on for your site(s) feel free to contact Technical Support at 800-556-9932 or Stay tuned for next month’s installment as we begin to look at working with your inventory in Stamp Shop Manager™!