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Ability to close financial period for specific modules

1.Go to Accounting menu > Fiscal Year Periods.
2.When the Fiscal Year Periods form opens, you will see the Close Modules button.  Click that button to open the Module List form, where you can set the modules you want to close.  Closing a module simply means preventing users from posting or unposting transactions on that closed module.


In this example, Accounting Module is set to be a close module (Open checkbox is unchecked.)



Now posting/unposting any Accounting transaction will be prevented.



Here’s the list of transactions per module that will be affected when closing the particular module.


Bullet PointCustomer Prepayment
Bullet PointCustomer opening Balance
Bullet PointInvoice
Bullet PointReceive Payments /  Receive Payments - Multi Customer
Bullet PointCredit Memo
Bullet PointFinance Charges


Bullet PointVendor Prepayment
Bullet PointVendor Opening Balance
Bullet PointBill
Bullet PointBills from Bill Batch
Bullet PointPay Bills/ Pay Bills – Multi Vendor
Bullet PointDebit Memo


Bullet PointInventory Assembly
Bullet PointInventory Adjustment
Bullet PointInventory Build Assembly
Bullet PointInventory Transfer


Bullet PointGeneral Journal
Bullet PointDepreciation
Bullet PointWrite Check
Bullet PointWithdrawal
Bullet PointDeposit
Bullet PointCC Charges
Bullet PointCC return
Bullet PointFixed Asset Journal


Bullet PointPaycheck
Bullet PointEmployee Opening Balance


6. Manufacturing Transactions
Bullet PointMaterial Issue
Bullet PointMaterial Return
Bullet PointInvoice Jobs
Bullet PointBill Jobs
Bullet PointManufacturing Order
Bullet PointStage To Process