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Able to Copy Entire Budget

The Copy Budget Name button in the Budget Name form allows the user to copy previous budget to the current budget year.

You can open the Budget Name form from Accounting menu > Budget Names.


Info Note that before you can copy budget to another budget year, you must have the following setup.


Budget Name setup
Previous budget year configuration


1.  This is the Budget Name Setup



2. This is the Previous Budget year configuration using the above budget name (Final).  This Previous Budget year configuration will serve as the source year in this illustration.  You can open the Budget Overview form from Accounting Menu > Budgets.



3.  Once 1 and 2 are already setup, you may now copy the previous budget year amount to your new budget year.

The Copy Budget Names form can be opened from the Accounting menu > Copy Budget Names



or from the Budget Name form and click Tools, then Copy Budget Names button.



In this form, specify the Source Year and Destination Year.  In this example, enter 2009 as the Source Year (See sample screenshot in Step 2) and 2010 as the Destination Year.  Then click OK button.



This message will be shown.  Click Yes button to continue.



Another message will be shown to confirm that budget codes from the previous budget year were successfully copied. Click OK button.



Now go to Budget Overview form to view the new budget year created.  Notice that Fiscal Year - 2010 Budget amounts (highlighted in green) is the same as the Historical Year - 2009 Budget amounts (highlighted in yellow).



Info Note that when Copy Budget Names button is clicked, this will NOT only copy the budget name you are working with, like in this screenshot - Final, but also all the budget names added in the Budget Names form.


Example: If you have 2 Budget Names, let’s say Final and Working



Clicking the Copy Budget Names button will copy the budget names – Final and Working from Source Year to Destination Year.


Previous Budget Year – 2009





After copying 2009 budget names to 2010 here is how your current budget year (2010) will look like.