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Changes on the Direct Deposit Form

The Direct Deposit form is enhanced to cater three different payroll file formats (NACHA/ ACH, WEB Pay and NPC Pay 2) in one common form.


Below are the changes on Direct Deposit form:


1.The Direct Deposit will now show a single Direct Deposit menu under Payroll menu as shown below.

Direct deposit1


2.Format field is also added in the Direct Deposit form. This is a combo box field where you can select two different formats:
Template – This is the default setting of Format field. Choosing this format will enable the Template combo box
NPC Pay – Choosing this will disable the Template combo box

Direct deposit2

Direct deposit3


3.The Template combo box field is defaulted to NACHA/ ACH. In this combo box there is an ellipse button that when clicked will open the Direct Deposit Template form, which is used to configure how a paycheck information be generated. The Template field will allow you to select the Direct Deposit Template to use, either NACHA/ ACH or WEB Pay.

Direct deposit4