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Connecting to Custom Vantage Office over the Internet

Custom Vantage Office can connect to any SQL Server 2005 or higher edition over the Internet as long as the server has a publicly accessible dedicated IP Address or FQDN. First install the Client version of Custom Vantage Office on any computer. Also make sure you have properly setup your Server to run SQL Server 2005 or higher and Custom Vantage Office.


Nothing needs to be changed or installed differently for Custom Vantage Office to do this. All you have to do is enter the IP address or FQDN on the server field.


On the SQL Server, type the SQL server name.


Click the Select Database drop down to select the database or you may also type the database name in this field.




Cannot connect to SQL Server


Make sure you have installed SQL Server 2005 or higher on your server as well as Custom Vantage Office’s SERVER and CLIENT Configuration.



Firewall Settings


If you are using the built in Windows Firewall make sure you have enabled the File and Printer Sharing. This will allow the SQL Server 2005 Databases to be shared over your network. From the Windows Control Panel select Firewall and under the Exceptions tab make sure File and Printer Sharing is enabled.