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Forms Affected by Mercury Integration

With this new Mercury Integration, forms directly related to the process have a few changes.  These can be seen as we discuss how this new process works.


Customer Form

Credit Card Details section in the Customer form > Setup tab is removed.  This is how the Setup tab will now look like.



Customer Prepayment

Process CC button, Void CC button and Payment Method fields are added.  These additions are in connection with the new credit card process.



Bullet PointThe Process CC button will be enabled when Credit Card method is selected in the Payment Method form.

Bullet PointThe Void CC button will be enabled once you have processed a credit card.

Receive Payments 

Credit Card Payment Information section is also removed.  This is how Receive Payments form will now look like.



Receive Payments [Multi-Customer]

Credit Card related fields are also removed on this form.  The new Receive Payments [Multi-Customer ] form looks like this.  This field will no longer have the ability to receive credit card payments from customers.



Order and Invoice

Payments tab is added to allow multiple payments using different payment methods, i.e. Credit Card, Cash, Check and Other Payments.  With this new feature, you can now receive payments on Order or receive payments on Invoice even it is not yet posted.





For a detailed discussion on how to receive payments from Invoice or Order form, see Multiple Payments in Invoice or Order form.