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GL Report Drill Down Capabilities

This documentation will show you the reports that have drill down capabilities and how it should work.


The following are reports that have Drill Down capabilities.


Bullet PointBalance Sheet

Bullet PointBalance Sheet Detail

Bullet PointIncome Statement

Bullet PointIncome Statement Detail

Bullet PointTrial Balance

Bullet PointTrial Balance Detail



Print Balance Sheet report with date criteria = Last Year.



Now when Balance Sheet report opens, you will see that Account Groups are shown in blue colored-fonts, which you can click on to drill down the details of that account group.


Info Note that the date/s selected when printing the Balance Sheet reports will also be used by the drill down report (General Ledger By Account ID).




Look at the date used to filter the General Ledger By Account ID report.  It has the same date that is selected in the Balance Sheet report.