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Log Events

In relation to Mercury PCI Compliance, Custom Vantage Office includes a feature that would audit all log events that apply to all Custom Vantage Office users.   All options must be enabled when Mercury Integration is enabled.



Below are all the events that pertain to the logging activities of a Custom Vantage Office user. Every event will be audited on the Audit Trail which can be accessed from the Company Preferences > System Tab > View Audit Trail Table.


Bullet PointAll login attempts – event when a user tries to enter a user name and password to log in to the system.



Bullet PointPassword entry attempts for administrative function access – event when a user enters the password for the following override functions in the system:





Bullet PointPassword or PIN change – event when a user changes password.



Bullet PointAccount Lockout – event when the user exceeds the maximum number of times allowed entering the correct username and password to login to the system.



Bullet PointAccount Lockout reset – event when the lockout time for a user account expires.



Bullet PointAccount password or PIN reset – event when the user is required to change password on system login.



Bullet PointAccount creation – event when an administrator creates a new user account.



Bullet PointAccount deletion – event when an administrator deletes a user account.



Bullet PointAccount security privilege modification – event when an administrator changes a user account’s security role.



Bullet PointChanges made in the User Preferences



Bullet PointChanges made in the Company Preferences