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Multiple Sorting in the Bank Account Register form

You will now be allowed to sort multiple columns in the Bank Account Register form.  To do this, hold on the Shift key while clicking the desired column headers.  There will be arrow up and down button shown next to the column header that you clicked.  This will signify that a column is sorted.



In this screenshot, Date, Payee and Payment columns are sorted.  See, there is arrow up/down button next to the said column headers.



If you want the Bank Account Register form to save the order of the columns plus its sorting, make sure that Save grid layout on Major Forms checkbox in the User Preferences form > System tab is enabled.



When using the multiple sorting feature, the Sort By field will always show as blank.  This field will only work on a single sort.



In this screenshot, there is only one column that is sorted – Num column.  See the Sort By field, it showed ‘Num’.