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Override System Date with Business Date

By default, Override System Date with Business Date checkbox is disabled.  When this feature is disabled, Custom Vantage Office will use the system date as its transaction date.



Override System Date with Business Date allows user to set the Business date and use that date when creating transactions.  Transactions affected by this feature are:


Bullet PointSales

a. Customer Prepayment
b. Customer opening Balance
c. Quote
d. Sales Order
e. Invoice
f. For Quote, Sales Order and Invoice, Pricing Dates should also be considered:
i. Inventory Special Pricing
ii. Customer Special Pricing
iii. Category Pricing
g. Receive Payments and Receive Payments (Multi-Customer)
h. RMA
i. Credit Memo
j. Finance Charges

Bullet PointPurchasing

a. Vendor Prepayment
b. Vendor Opening Balance
c. Purchase Order
d. PO Wizard
e. Purchase Receipt
f. Bill
g. Bills from Bill Batch
h. Pay Bills and Pay Bills (Multi-Vendor)
i. Return to Vendor
j. Debit Memo

Bullet PointInventory

a. Inventory Assembly
b. Inventory Adjustment
c. Inventory Build Assembly
d. Inventory Transfer

Bullet PointManufacturing

a. Material Issue
b. Material Return
c. Invoice Jobs
d. Bill Jobs
e. Manufacturing Order
f. Stage To Process

Bullet PointAccounting

a. General Journal
b. Depreciation
c. Write Check
d. Withdrawal
e. Deposit
f. CC Charges
g. CC return
h. Fixed Assets
i. Fixed Asset Journal

Bullet PointPayroll

a. Paycheck
b. Employee Opening Balance



Override System Date with Business Date checkbox is enabled and Business Date is set to 5/05/2009.



Then there is Inventory Special Pricing set on the said date (5/05/2009).



Now create an order.  The date of the order will get the configured Business date.



Selecting .52PLATE item in the Items tab will also show the pricing message box since the order date is between the Begin and End Dates setting in the Inventory Special Pricing.



Process this Order to Invoice.  Notice that the Invoice Date still gets what is set in the Business Date field.



Posting the Invoice will also get the Business date configured.