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Real-Time/Authorization Reversal

Real-time or Authorization reversal is used if the customer decides to cancel the partially approved amount.  Example of this is when the customer cannot pay the remaining balance from a Partial Approval or Partial Authorization transaction and will want to just cancel the purchase.  With this type of return, customer balance is restored immediately.  Unlike other type of return (it requires several business days to return the value to the cardholder’s available balance).


Info Note that only transactions that have been authorized but not captured successfully, can be reversed in real-time, otherwise the usual Voiding of transaction can be made, where customer’s card balance is restored or a refund of such amount be effective in several business days.


In this example, we are to reverse this payment in real-time since the original payment transaction has this detail Charge (Partial AP).  Click the ellipse button and then Void.



This message will be shown.  Click Yes.



And the Enter Amount form dedicated for real-time or authorization reversal will be shown.  Enter the amount to refund and click OK.


Info Note that you can return the whole or partial amount.




Then this message will be shown to confirm the success of the transaction.  Click OK.



Highlighted is the reversal transaction.  Notice also that Amount Due and Payments change simultaneously.