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Reissue Paycheck

Let us consider a scenario when an employee was deceased or went missing, and the paycheck needs to be remitted to their estate, or to a state unclaimed property fund or other person, instead of the employee. How can you reissue a paycheck using Custom Vantage Office?


In order to cater this need, there is a newly added Reissue button on Paycheck form. Clicking the Reissue button will bring out the Reissue Check form which will allow you to specify a new check Date and Payable to name, assign a new Check number, and specify a new memo.


The Date field enables you to specify new date for the reissued check.
The Check No. field by default will show ‘Check’. To edit the check number field or assign check number before posting and/or printing a check, you will have to uncheck ‘To be printed box’ first. After that, you can either manually enter the check number or click the plus button next to this field.
The Amount field is read only and shows the amount to be printed on the check.
The Payable To field allows you to choose from the drop down list or enter a new payee.
The Memo field is used to enter a comment or short information about the check.
Clicking the Print button will bring out the Checks Report Manager where you can choose from different check formats as well as the information to be included on the checks.
The Cancel button will close the Reissue Check form.



After the check has been successfully printed, the original check number of the paycheck will be voided in the Check Number Audit form.