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Sales Rep User Account Login Restrictions

1. Create new user account under Sale Rep User role.


Info Note: Only administrator user can add new sales rep user account.




2. On the  make sure the Sales Rep ID field is filled with existing Sales Rep ID records.

  If the Sales Rep ID does not exist from the drop down, you may add new one on Sales Reps under Contacts pull down menu.




3. Also, Sales Rep account login could also be restricted through Permission Tab.




4. When sales rep user account logs in to Custom Vantage Office, only Customers assigned to the sales rep will be displayed in all Customer Search Form.




5. When you open New Invoice/Quotes/Estimates/Orders/Prepayment/RMA/Credit Memo (or Existing Invoice/Quotes/Estimates/Orders/Prepayment/RMA/Credit Memo), Customers assigned to the sales rep will also be displayed in all Sales Search Forms.