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Use Business Date on Report Date Criteria        

This documentation shows how Custom Vantage Office works in regards with the Business Dates and the System Dates. The rule that Custom Vantage Office will follow is ‘the date specified in the ‘As Of’ criteria will be used in the filtering of records and the generation of the report’.


Date and Time set on the Company Preferences > General tab is the System Date.

Date criteria1


If Business Date on User Preferences > Setup tab is disabled

Date criteria2


Date on the ‘As of’ criteria will use the System Date.

Date criteria3


This will also be the date on the generated report.

Date criteria4


If Business Date on the User Preferences > Setup tab is enabled

Date criteria5


The stored date used by the ‘As of’ criteria will be replaced by the Business Date.

Date criteria6


The report will then use the date from the ‘As of’ date to generate the Customer Statement reports.

Date criteria7