Creating New User Accounts

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Creating New User Accounts

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To create a new user account first you will need to be inside the user's tab, then click on the "new" button located towards the right of the screen. Once you have clicked the new button you will need to fill out the user account information.




E-mail Address: Type in the user's email address here, this will be their sign-in username.


Password: This will be the password used when the account attempts to sign-in to your store.


Confirm Password: Re-type the same password to confirm it.


First Name: Type the first name of the user.


Last Name: Type the last name of the user.


Tax Exempt status: When this box is checked the account will have tax exemption.


Reason for exemption: Type the reason for exemption status here for your information.


Exemption #: Here you can enter the exemption number.


Allow Checkout with Purchase Order: When this box is checked the customer will be allowed to checkout by using a purchase order number. (***If you would like your store to limit the use of purchase order's to only customers you have approved go to Settings and then the Payment link. Next scroll down to "Allow Payment by Purchase Order" and check the box "Limit the use of Purchase Orders to selected customers only" to set your site up this way.