Editing User Accounts

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Editing User Accounts

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When editing a user account, first select the user account from the search area by checking the box next to their username. Next click the "Edit" button located to the right of the window. Once inside the user account you are able to change the settings to the account, you can change the following:


Password: This will be the password used when the account attempts to sign-in to your store.


Tax Exempt status: When this box is checked the account will have tax exemption.


Exemption #: Here you can enter the exemption number.


InActive: When this box is checked the account is inactive and will not work on your site.


External User ID:


Allow Checkout with Purchase Order: When this box is checked the customer will be allowed to checkout by using a purchase order number. (***If you would like your store to limit the use of purchase order's to only customers you have approved go to Settings and then the Payment link. Next scroll down to "Allow Payment by Purchase Order" and check the box "Limit the use of Purchase Orders to selected customers only" to set your site up this way.


Pricing Level: This will allow you to select from the drop down menu which pricing level you would like to assign. You can edit the pricing levels by clicking the "edit pricing levels" button located directly below or by clicking on the "Price Levels" link within the People menu.