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Custom Pages

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Within the Custom Pages link you will find the option to add custom pages to your site.



New Custom Page:




To create a new custom page first click the new button located at the bottom of the page.




Page Title: type the name of the page here to be displayed as the page title as well as the meta title.


Name in Menu: type the name that you would like to be displayed in the bottom menu (which appears on the bottom of your website).


Content: include the content to be displayed on the custom page here. You may include text, tables, links, images, etc.


Show in Bottom Menu: check the box to have the custom page "name" appear in the bottom menu of your site. To disable this feature you may uncheck the box.


When you are finished designing your custom page click the save changes button.




HELPFUL TIP: if your goal in creating a new custom page is to also add it as a category on your site be sure to note the URL information at the top of the browser. You will need to know the id=# at the end of the URL. This information will be placed within the category (Products Tab > Categories) under "Custom Page URL" (custom.aspx?id=#)