E-mail FAQs

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E-mail FAQs

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In Outlook I am able to receive e-mails but am not able to send, how can I correct this issue?


If your mail server is setup through Connectweb and you are using Outlook be sure to edit your Account Settings to reflect SMTP Authentication. To do this you'll need to go into Tools, then Account Settings, then usually it is under Advanced Options. Next click on "Outgoing Server" and be sure to select the box or button that says "Use same settings as my incoming mail server."



How do I setup an alias using smarter mail?


Log in to your smart mail account as the administrator. Click on "Settings" icon at the top of the window. Next, within  the left column menu click on "Domain Settings." If you haven't already, create users for your email service by clicking on the "Users" link. You must have at least one user account in order to forward mail from the alias account. Next you'll need to create the alias account, to do this click on "aliases" which is directly below the "Users" link within the left navigation menu. You'll need to create the alias first, by clicking on the "New" icon near the top. Next click on the tab "Email Address(es) to type in which users you'd like the alias' email to go to. For instance, if you have setup the alias sales@mystampcompany.com the email address(es) will be real users you've already created who will receive mail that has been sent to "sales@mystampcompany.com."