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Stamp Shop Web FAQs

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Can Custom Vantage Web™ run as a non-English site?


Custom Vantage Web™ can be customized in many ways, including altering wording and menus to your own language and terms. Custom Vantage Web™ works in Euros, U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, and Canadian Dollars.



Where do the email addresses from the "Join Mailing List" on the homepage go?


They are collected inside the Admin Section of your site within the "Users" tab, and then within the left navigation menu, "Mailing Lists." Here you are able to send emails to everyone who has entered their email address by clicking on the "email" button next to the list. The wizzy-wig editor will open and you are then able to create your email message and send it out.



What is the difference between the product types? Generic Product? Customizable? 2-Color Customizable? Customizable with Layout?


A generic product is one that cannot be customized by the customer. Examples of generic products; ink bottles, stock stamps, books, etc. Customizable is a product that the system allows the customer to choose from fonts, sizes, colors, and layout on the product. 2-Color Customizable refers to a customizable product that allows the customer to choose 2 different colors for 2 different areas on the product, mostly used on 2-color stamps.


Customizable with layout is a product that is customizable with the ability to lock the layout of the design, allowing the customer limits to their design because you, the shop owner have locked areas of the layout.



What is cloning?


Cloning is equivalent to copying. To clone a product, simply find it within the products tab under "Find Existing Products" and select it by clicking on the check box next to the SKU. Next you'll need to do two things. First assign the copy a new, unique Product ID over on the right side of the window. Second you'll need to decide what type of product you'd like the copy to be; generic product, customizable, 2 color customizable, or customizable with layout from the drop down list directly next to the Product ID box. Now click the "clone" button and you will enter the newly cloned product's "general information." Be sure to remove the (2) that is automatically added to the end of the product name.



How can I allow the customer to upload an image without making the product customizable?


We have created a form in which a customer can fill out the specs of their product and upload artwork, its called, sendfile.aspx. One option is creating a generic product and including a link/button to this form (sendfile.aspx) within the description of the product so the customer has the option of uploading their own artwork.



What is the "MouseOver Image" within a category?


When you are editing a category their is a section for "Images." Within this tab you'll see several fields where you can assign images to the category.


Icon Image --  will be displayed as the category image if the category is chosen to be within a category grid within your homepage content.


Banner Image -- will be displayed at the top of the category page. Whenever the category is clicked on the banner image will be displayed at the very top of this page.


Mouseover Image -- will be displayed whenever the mouse is over the category when it is set within a category grid. This is a new featureto SSW. Examples of it's use can be shown upon request.



What are Meta Tags and what do they do?


Meta tags are another unique feature to SSW. Meta Tags are what the search engines, like Google or Yahoo, use to locate websites when users enter keywords. By inserting meta tags throughout your site that are product, page, category, specific to your store, your search engine results will improve.



How do I create a "forced login" to my site?


You'll need to be logged in to the administration section of your site. Then head over to the blue "Settings" tab. Once inside the settings tab scroll down to the 6th option from the bottom of the list. Check the box next to "Force Login" and then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.



Stamp Design Wizard is not working, how do I fix it?


If it appears that the Stamp Design Wizard is not suggesting products for your customers be sure to check that you have ranked products. To do this log in to the Admin section of your site. Then click on the products tab, next you'll need to find and edit the products you'd like the wizard to suggest to your customers. Once inside the general information of the product click on the "Custom Product Design" link within the left navigation menu. The last field, "Stamp Design Wizard Ranking" must be set to anything but "No Ranking" and then click save changes.