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Helpful Tips

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Products Tab:


oTo view ALL PRODUCTS within your site set the "Search By:" option to Keyword/SKU and leave the filter box empty, then click the "Find" button. All products on your site will appear in the results section.


oWe advise customers to leave products they do not wish to sell on their site instead of deleting. You can edit the product and make it  "inactive" which means the product still exists on your site, customer's will not be able to see or purchase it. This way, if you decide in the future to sell the product again instead of recreating it from scratch you can simply make it active again by checking a box.



Content Tab:


oWhen creating logo images it is wise to stay between these pixel sizes: width no larger than 450 pixels and height no larger than 150 pixels.


oIf you are looking to place Google Analytics tracking code on your site this is the field in which it will work best.


oIf you are experiencing trouble with this e-mail and your content does not match we recommend clicking the "Reset to Default" button.


oIf your goal in creating a new custom page is to also add it as a category on your site be sure to note the URL information at the top of the browser. You will need to know the id=# at the end of the URL. This information will be placed within the category (Products Tab > Categories) under "Custom Page URL" (custom.aspx?id=#)



Orders Tab:


oIn order for your site to be PCI Compliant it is important that you mark your orders as complete so the order payment information is removed properly from your site. To view how long your store holds CC payment information go to the Settings Tab > Orders > "Clear CC numbers from completed orders older than."



View Store Tab:


When working on your site, to save time we recommend right clicking on the "View Store" tab and click the option to "Open Link in New Tab" – this will allow you to flip between the admin section (back end of your store) and the store front of your store.