Editing Affiliates/Creating New Affiliates

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Editing Affiliates/Creating New Affiliates

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To edit an existing affiliate click the edit button within the row of the affiliates name. To create a new affiliate click the new button located at the top of the page. Both options will direct you to the "edit affiliate" page. This screen will allow you to fill out or edit the information related to the affiliate.


Web Site URL: website address of the affiliate's website. Not necessary for generation of affiliate link.


Affiliate Name: a name that represents the affiliate.


Affiliate E-mail: contact e-mail address for affiliate. You may choose to send orders taken on the affiliate website directly to the affiliate for approval, to do this go to the Settings tab > Affiliates link (within the left Settings menu) then check the box at the bottom of the window "Send Order to Affiliate Only."


Commission Type: either percentage or dollar amount per sale made by affiliate.


Commission Amount: dollar or percentage amount


Referral Days: days in which system remembers customers original


Link for Affiliate: this link is system generated, provide this link to your affiliate so they may create a link on their website to your store.


StyleSheet for Affiliate:  you will only see this section if you have first gone to the Settings tab > General Options checked the box next to "Allow Affiliate Themes" and clicked save changes.


Discount Type: storewide discount applied to all products when visiting affiliates site. Discount applied to site price.


First Name: affiliates first name.


Last Name: affiliates last name.


Address: affiliates contact address.


Tax ID Number: affiliates tax ID number.


Driver's License number: affiliates driver's license number.



When you have completed editing or creating the affiliate account be sure to click the save changes button located at the bottom of the screen.