General Info

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General Info

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Once inside the product you will see the general info.


Active: If the product is active the box will be checked, if you would like to make the product inactive you can uncheck this box. We advise making products inactive instead of deleting them. Next to the active checkbox the type of product is displayed.


Name: Below the Active section you will see the product name.


Site Cost:The site cost reflects the amount you, the store owner paid for the product. You can leave this field at 0 if you would not like to keep track of the site cost.


List Price: The list price is the factory price of the product. If you would like to show a visual discount you can set the list price to be higher than the site price. Out in the store the product will have both prices displayed, however the higher price will be red and crossed out, while the lower price will be displayed in black.


Site Price: The site price is what the product will cost the customer.


Purchase points: are a loyalty rewards system that is built in to SSW. Here you can set an amount of points the customer will need to obtain the product by using loyalty points only.


Short description: is a sentence or two that describes the product. You can type in the field provided and as you type the amount of characters remaining will count down.


Long description: works slightly different from the short description. To edit the long description click on the pencil icon (Wizzy Wig Editor). Your screen will refresh and expand to display formatting options. Here you can edit the text, add images, view the HTML code, etc.


Below this section you will see the sort order field. Here you can see as a default all products' sort orders are set to zero. Products with the sort order of zero are listed in alpha-numeric order. If you would like to change the order in which they are displayed you can set a sort order to the product here starting with 0 being the first then 1, 2, 3, etc.



Advanced Section: click on the word to expand the section which contains the items below.


Minimum Qty: Here you can add a minimum quantity to the product, this will directly relate to your inventory amounts.


Display Customer Feature As: Here you can determine how the product feature is displayed, if the product has a product feature added to it. You can select from having the product feature be displayed as Individual Fields, Grid - Single Selection, or Grid - Multiple Selection.


Gift Wrap Allowed: Here you can determine whether this product will have the option of gift wrap.


Manufacturer: Here you can determine which manufacturer made this product, to add manufacturer's to your site visit the User's tab > Manufacturer's.


Vendor: Here you can determine the vendor of the product, to add vendor's to your site visit the User's tab > Manufacturer's.


External Product ID: Here you can set an additional product ID for external use,  this field is primarily used for accounting systems outside of Stamp Shop Web™.


UNSPSC Code: A standard designation to classify various products and services.


Loyalty Points for Purchase: These are how many points the customer gains from purchasing product with currency.


File to be sent to Admin: Select an image to always be attached to this product here. It will be on the admin order email for your convenience. In cases where the product always will have a stock or ClipArt image (example: for deposit only, smiley face) this field will save time by attaching the stock/ClipArt to your admin email for you.



Meta Tags Section: click on the word to expand to see more settings.  Add meta titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions to the product. Meta tags will increase your search engine optimization.


Taxes Section: click on the word to expand to see more settings.


Tax Exempt: Determine whether this product is tax exempt.


Tax Class: here determine the tax class the product falls into; either no tax class (default) or EU taxable item(European Union).



Shipping Section: click on the word to expand to see more shipping settings relating to this particular product.


Non-Shipping Item: click here if you would like the item to be a non-shipping item.


Ship in Separate Package: click here if you would like to set this item to ship in a separate package.


Ship From: here you can determine where this item will ship from (ie: drop ship), whether you would like it to ship from your store's address (which is the default), from the vendor (set within the Advanced Section), or from the Manufacturer (set within the Advanced Section).


Weight: here set the weight of the item in pounds, this information is not optional if you are using real time shipping cost (ie: UPS, USPS, FedEx).


Dimensions: here you can set the dimensions of the package that will be sent out to the shipping carrier to calculate the shipping cost, this information is optional.


Extra Ship Fee: here you can set a fee that will be added to the item when purchased.



Be sure to click save changes if any changes have been made to the general information section before moving on.