Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificates

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Within the Gift Certificates link you will find the settings related to gift certificates on your site.




Gift Certificates Available: click here to make gift certificates available for purchase on your site as well as able to redeem them. By clicking this box  (and then saving the change by clicking the "OK" button) customers will be able to purchase gift certificates in two locations on your site; (1) during their checkout process and (2) after they have signed into your site, click on customer service link > gift certificates link. When this box is checked your site will only be able to redeem gift certificates that were purchased on your site.


Minimum Certificate Amount: type the minimum amount you would like to accept here.


Maximum Certificate Amount: type the maximum amount you would like to accept here.


Gift Certificate E-mail: to edit the gift certificate e-mail click this button. When you click this button you will be transferred to the "Content tab" > E-mail Messages > Gift Certificate E-mail.  For more information on editing the email click here. Whenever a gift certificate is purchased on your site an e-mail is sent to the buyer with a certificate image and certificate code.



Customer's View: customer service button > gift certificates link


Customers may purchase gift certificates by clicking on the "Customer Service" link at the top of your site. Once "Customer Service" has been clicked they will now see "Gift Certificates" on the left navigation (image below demonstrates customer's view). They will then be able to type a dollar amount for the gift certificate they would like to purchase and "Add" it to their cart. The gift certificate will appear as an item in their cart and included in their total. When they have placed the order the admin must mark the order as "paid" for the gift certificate e-mail to be sent.





Customer's View: checkout process


When a customer is redeeming their gift certificate on your site they simply will need to type in the gift certificate code (provided in the gift certificate e-mail) in the field highlighted below (on the "Ship & Pay page during the checkout process). Once they have typed in the gift certificate code they may click the "Go" button directly to the right and their total amount due will refresh (displayed directly below code field).




Customer's View: customer's e-mail receipt of gift certificate


After customer has purchased gift certificate and their order has been marked as "payment received" they will receive an email from your store that resembles the following. They will be able to forward this email with the gift certificate code to whomever they want, and will be able to redeem this certificate at your store with the code provided at the bottom of the email.