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Q: I’m currently online, but the support button on the site shows off-line

A: Make sure to have at least one department registered in the system and that this department has at least one representative assigned (You need to click and highlight the representative’s name). If no departments are registered, or no users are online, the status will always show as off-line.

Q: Even though my status is On-line, I’m not receiving any requests.

A: Make sure that you have at least one Department assigned. Otherwise, when a user requests support, he won’t be able to reach you in the selected Department.

Q: I know that there are many users at this time browsing my site, but the visitor tracking only lists a few

A: This feature will display a limited number of active users on your site. You can also set the maximum number of minutes of inactivity to consider a customer gone from the site in the options screen. For instance, if you set this time to 5 Minutes, only users with reported activity during the last 5 minutes on your site will be shown.

Also, please note that the visitor tracking system works by tracking each different IP address on your site. If the users are sharing the same IP (They are behind a proxy) the information displayed by the visitor tracking screen might be inaccurate.


Q: My site logs and stats show a lot of activity from the CUSTOMER CHAT application

A: Depending on your settings, and number of visitors the application might get a lot of hits. For instance, for every page that you place the support button on, you’ll get a hit. If you have set the button to automatically refresh its status, it’ll make several hits on each refresh. The same will happen if you have set the visitor tracking, proactive chat and auto engage feature. Also, the refresh times, will also count.

Q: I want some pages of my site to be tracked by a specific department, is this possible?

A: The default visitor tracking code will track every page on your web site, making their active users visible to all the representatives. If you add a parameter with the department ID to the visitor tracking code, only reps. from that department will be able to track users where that code is pasted.

For example, if you paste the following visitor tracking code in your home page (not the d=7 parameter in the code):

<script language=JavaScript


Only the representatives from department with ID # 7 will view the users browsing your home page.

Q: Is there any way to embed the Customer Chat button on an e-mail message?

A: Check the code generator option in the Start Screen. There, you’ll be able to generate codes for your buttons that can be used on pages or e­mail messages (HTML) .

Q: Why does the page where the code is located refreshing every 10 seconds and how can this be disabled?

A: The customer chat button refreshes itself after a number of seconds in order to constantly reflect the current status of the representatives. You can disable this setting in the chat settings screen > Other Options > Update the support button status in real time.


Q: Can I change the support button with my own graphic?

A: Yes of course. Just replace the online.gif and offline.gif files within the FILES folder of the CUSTOMER CHAT application.


Q: I want to push the web page ( through a canned command but the URL of CUSTOMER CHAT is being added to it (i.e :, why?

A: Please make sure to add the full URL to your target page and use http:// at the beginning. Instead of typing use


Q: I’m having problems not listed here. What can I do?

A: Contact us! We’re more than happy to help you.