Accessory Product Features

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Accessory Product Features

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Accessory Check boxes, Accessory Radio Button List, and Accessory Drop Down List are examples of Accessory product features.


These 3 accessory features provide you with the option of linking additional products to your main product. For example, if you are selling a rubber stamp but would like to give the customer the option of adding an ink pad to their cart without having them shop around the site for the ink pad, you can add an accessory feature to the rubber stamp. Create an accessory checkbox, radio button list or drop down list for them to choose either one ink pad or several different colored ink pads. It's important to understand that to add an accessory the product must already exist on your site. Also, each accessory feature will do the same thing, add a product to your main product. The 3 different accessory features give you the choice of how the options of adding a product will display to the customer, either as check boxes, radio buttons, or as a drop down list.