Shared Features

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Shared Features

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Shared Features are product features that can be added to numerous products, as well as updated. An example of a shared feature is the State drop down menu that is generally added to notary products. The state drop down was created once as a shared feature and then was added to whichever product needed a state selection option.


To create a shared feature first you must choose which type of feature you would like to create. The different types are:


oText input
oDrop down list
oRadio button list
oHTML area
oAccessory checkbox
oAccessory radio button list
oAccessory drop down list



To edit, delete, or clone any existing product feature (either shared or private) first select the product you would like to edit/delete/clone then click the relevant button.


If you are editing the product feature make any necessary changes and then click the "Ok" button to save changes.


If you are cloning a product feature first select the product feature you would like to clone, then directly to the right of the clone button type in a name for the cloned-version of the original. This name must be different than the existing product feature. Once you have typed a name in the field click the "Clone" button. The newly cloned product feature will now appear in the list of all shared product features.