Drop Down List

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Drop Down List

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Once you have selected drop down list click the new button.


Next you will need to type a "Property Name" which is displayed on the order (for administrators) and then type a "Display Name" which is displayed to the customer.




With the drop down list you will need to create new "Items" which will appear to the customer to choose from. Click the "New" button to add items.


Once you add a new item you will then need to create a display name (which will be displayed to the customer) and a value (which will be displayed in the order).


Null item is an item that does not have any value, an example of its use would be a display name of "Select an Item."


Next you can choose whether or not you would like this item to be the default item selected. The "Image URL" is where you would type the path to an image you would like displayed next to the product feature.


The next 4 fields pertain to adjusting the price of the feature. The system allows you, the shop owner to adjust the price of the feature by adding amounts to the price, the cost, the weight, and the shipping cost. When you have completed the item click the "Ok" button.



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