Chat Representatives

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Chat Representatives

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Within the Chat Representatives link find options that allow you to browse and add new representatives.There are two user types in the Customer Chat System; Administrators and Representatives.





You can assign any number of users to any department, so that they can provide support to their assigned departments. You can list your different users by typing any search criteria on the Chat Representatives search screen:


Name / Nick / E-Mail: Type part of the name, nickname or e-mail of the representative to look up.
Level: Representative’s level.
Department: Assigned Department.
Current Status: List users depending on the status selected (On-line or Off-line).


Press the “List Representatives” button to get a list of users matching your search criteria.

You can view each representative by clicking on the representative’s name or the “View” button.


User Roles


There are two types of user roles within the Customer Chat System; representatives and administrators.



Representatives are the users in charge of providing live support to your customers.




Administrators are the users in charge of maintaining the application and they can also provide support        for their Departments. Administrators can freely add as many users as they want and assign them to any Departments at any time.