Cloning Existing Products

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Cloning Existing Products

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Cloning simply means to copy, clone products within your site to save time.





Cloning Products Step-by-Step:


1)To clone first find the existing product.


2)Next select it (by checking the box next to the product SKU)


3)Then give the new (copied) product an ID. To do this type in the field directly to the right of the clone button.


4)Next determine whether the new product will be the same as the original product or different (regarding the product type). Once you have typed a new product ID and set a new product type click the clone button.


5)Once you clone the product you will enter the "General Info" for the newly cloned product. Whenever you clone a product the system will always add a (2) to the end of the product name, it will also copy every detail relating to the product (meaning its category, custom product design details, etc.).