Edit Product Layout

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Edit Product Layout

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Edit Product Layout link is only available if you are working on a customizable with layout product type.





Setting Locks for image/justification/border:


Locks: Within this section you are able to lock the image, border, or image justification. First you will need to determine which elements you would like locked.


Color: Choose from the drop down menu which color, if any, you would like to "lock."


Add a Logo Section: Choose an image in which you can lock once uploaded.


Border: Check the box if you would like a border around the impression size.


Logo Justification: Choose if you would like to lock any justification of the logo/image.


Image Scale: Choose if you would like the image to be scaled to a certain percent.


Zoom Factor: Choose if you would like to zoom in on the logo/image.



Setting Locks for Text Layout/Labels:


Directly below the Locks for image/justification/border section you can work within each line available to customize. Here you can add labels to the rows (ie:instructions) for the customer to see. You can also choose to lock the type of font, size, etc. available to the customer per line.


Each row of customizable text allows you to lock the following:


Label: text typed in this field will display to the immediate left of the text box where customer's can type text to be on the product.


Text: text typed in this field will appear on the product.


Font: choose from the drop down of available fonts to select one font that can be "locked" per line.


Size: choose from the drop down of available font sizes, you may also choose one and "lock" it.