Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Within the Customer Reviews link you are able to enter new product reviews of related to this product.





Create a Customer Review:


1)First click the new button.


2)Then you can select the star rating of the product (1-5 stars), set a karma score, and type in the review.


3)When you are complete click the ok button to save the review.


4)Next head over to the settings tab to see what your site's settings are for product reviews. Within the blue Settings tab click on the link within the left menu titled, "product reviews." Once here determine your site's settings for customer reviews, you may want to allow customers to write reviews directly and post them or you may want to moderate them first. If you choose to moderate your reviews you will see them on the admin homepage, within the center column under "to do's/alerts." There you can moderate reviews and either approve or disapprove them as they come in.