File Downloads

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File Downloads

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Within File Downloads you are able to upload files to your site (ie: PDF books) to be purchased and downloaded by your customers. Within this section you are able to determine the parameters of the download.




Upload a new file to the site: select this option if you would like to upload a file from your local computer to be used as a download.


Use a file I just copied into the 'Files' folder: choose this option if you have already uploaded a file to the Files folder, type in the name of the file and file extension in the field provided.


Friendly Title: name the file to be displayed to the customer.


Available for: choose from the drop down menu to determine how long the file will be available.


Can be downloaded: determine how many times the file can be downloaded by the customer.


Add File Button: when you are finished filling in all fields click the "Add File" button to add it to this product.