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Edit a Category

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Edit a Category:


To edit a category that already exists on your site, click on the category name and then click the edit button (located at the top of the column).


Once inside the category you will be able to change the category name, provide a description or image by clicking on the pencil icon (or Wizzy Wig Editor), alter which products are assigned to this particular category, alter the way products are displayed inside the category, as well as add meta tags, images, alter the menu tab option, and alter advanced options.





Show Products:


Out of the box SSW defaults to display categories "that I select." If you would like to assign products in another way you can choose from allowing products that are priced within 2 different price-points assigned to the category. Or you could elect to show products by manufacturer, by vendor, by product type (Customizable, 2 Color Customizable, Customizable with Layout, Generic), or by the last amount of products added to your site.This option will come in handy when you are adding new products to your site. To add manufacturers or vendors to your drop down list options head over to the Users Tab > Manufacturers or Users Tab > Vendors.


Display As:


Next you can choose how your products are displayed. You can select a grid and then set the number of columns and rows. You can choose a simple list which will be short product descriptions only, a detailed list which will be short descriptions and a small image, or a tabular list which is similar to a detailed list however each item is separated by a horizontal rule.



Meta Tags:


Meta Tags allows you to add specific meta tags to this category. The Meta Title will be displayed within the top of the browser when the category page is displayed. Meta Keywords will be included within the head section of the category page. Meta Description should be a sentence or 2 describing the category.




Images allows you to select an image to be displayed with this category. To Show Title click the checkbox... Show Description will be ... The Icon Image URL is the path to the image you would like to use for the icon image. The icon image is the image used when this category is chosen for a category grid within your homepage content.  The Banner Image URL will be displayed at the top of the page when the category has been clicked on. And the MouseOver image is where you can select an image to be the displayed when the mouse is over the category when it is set within a category grid.


Menu Tab:


Menu Tab allows you to select button images you've created for the category listing on your homepage within column 1. In this field choose the normal state of the button and in the "active menu image" choose the active or hover state of the button. Once you have the menu images selected you can save and head to the content tab to create a category list 2 within homecolumn 1 to display your new buttons. The "Use Custom Link" option will be where you'll need to check if you have created a custom page over in the content tab. The Custom Page URL will be where you'll include the id= page # for the custom page. The custom page URL : custom.aspx?id=#. You can also select whether or not if you'd like the link to open in its own window.




The Advanced section allows you to choose to show this category within the top menu when the top menu is activated.  To activate the top menu  check the box within the Settings tab > Category and Search link,  then check the box that says, "Show Categories Tabs in Header."


Click the "Save Changes" button when you are finished editing the category.




When you first arrive within the Categories link the first column displays the categories on the  homepage of your site, while the column to the right displays the sub-categories, if applicable. For example, if you click on any category and the category does have sub-categories already created they will appear in the column to the right. To return to the original view click the link floating to the left of the sub-category column.