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The Home tab is the first screen displayed to administrators upon entering the admin of your site. The Home tab is broken up into 3 columns.





Column 1:


The first column contains advertisements from Connectweb Technologies, Inc.







Column 2:


The second (middle) column contains "To Do's/Alerts." This section contain links on your site to unpaid orders and customer reviews (if you are allowing them to be written and modified).


Underneath the "To Dos" section you will find a listing of all your Unpaid Orders and Orders to Ship.







Column 3:


The third column contains "Latest Headlines from SSW." This section contains information and messages alerting you of changes to Stamp Shop Web.™ We also include messages of newer versions, enhancements, and general updates to the system.


Underneath "Latest Headlines from SSW" section is the "Resources" section. This section contains helpful links and information for your benefit in learning the system.


Getting Started Checklist: click on this link and find a helpful list of suggested tasks to be completed before going live with your site.


Connectweb Technologies, Inc.: click on this link and discover Connectweb Technologies, Inc. Learn about additional software that can help your shop produce quality products with efficiency and accuracy, as well as how to purchase a custom or premium theme for your site.


Support: click on this link to read through our help document.


Report a Bug: e-mail issues@stampshopweb.com to report a bug you have discovered.


Request a Feature: e-mail features@stampshopweb.com to request a feature to the system.


Webinars (Training Videos): click on this link and find several training videos that walk you through the system.