Incoming Requests

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Incoming Requests

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Incoming Requests

When an incoming support request is assigned, the representative will see the name of the customer, the department selected by the customer to request for support, IP address, Hostname and country (if the country lookup is enabled), Lead / opportunity (purchase potential).

By clicking on the (Accept) button, the representative will take the chat request and start a live chat session with the customer and a chat window will be opened.  By clicking the (Deny / Busy) button, the request will be transferred to another representative from the same department that the customer selected for support.

Instant Messenger

The instant messenger allows you to send quick messages to other representatives online (with their monitor active).

To send an instant message, open the Chat Monitor and type the message within the filter box next to the word “send:” in the bottom left of the window.  Next, select the representative from the drop down list and click the send button.

By clicking the “reload” button, the list of representatives will be refreshed reflecting their current status (online – offline).

The “view” button allows you to access the list of messages sent to you by any other representatives.