How-to Launch Chat Monitor

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How-to Launch Chat Monitor

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Once ready to accept support requests, launch the Customer Chat Monitor.  Once you have departments created with their assigned representatives and the support button code pasted on your pages, you can launch the Customer Chat Mon.


The Customer Chat Monitor monitors your incoming chat requests. By launching the Customer Chat Monitor, your status will be set to on-line, the Live Support button will display on your site and your site visitors will be able to reach you.


To launch the Customer Chat Monitor, simply click on the launch chat monitor link from the chat menu within the administration section (Chat Tab) of your site.


When a request is assigned or transferred to you, the Customer Chat Monitor will alert you and you’ll be able to start talking to your customers.


Also, you’ll be able to track your visitors’ activity if you have enabled the visitor tracking feature and can proactively prompt them for support.


Provide support

Now that everything is ready and the Customer Chat Monitor is looking for incoming requests, you can start to provide Customer Chat support to your customers and enjoy the benefits of closing more sales and providing support on-line.